Wiring and Accessories

Power & Ground Wire

There are a few options for power and ground wire outside of brand preference. Most car audio systems use 4/0 or 1/0 wire for power. There are also options of OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) or CCA (Aluminum Core). Running clean power with low resistance is vital to optimal power and sound. Running wires can be time consuming and dangerous if not install by a professional.

We recommend starting with highest quality you can afford from the beginning. This is due to the labor intensive process of installation. Installing a high quality wire with multiple runs of wire from the beginning we prevent paying or performing this installation multiple times due to upgrades.

Speaker Wire

Just like power wire, speaker wire comes in a variety of types and sizes. Remember the cleaner the power, the cleanier and more efficient the signal. Be sure to upgrade your speaker wire accordingly. General most people use 12 gauge speaker wire. Same as with power wire, you will want the size of your wire to properly compliment the amount of power that will be put through it.

RCA Cables

RCA Cables carry the signal from your head unit to the amplifiers. Invest in a good set to ensure a clean signal. AUX Cords are used to connect a device such as a smart phone to your head unit.

When purchasing wire and cables be sure to have a precise measurement of how much to order. You may run several runs to the back of the vehicle or have a lot of high and midrange speakers requiring a larger roll.


ANL Fuses are often used and in some SPL organizations are a requirement.

Proper electrical including installing fuses is vital to protecting your equipment and vehicle from power surges. Just like when using home electronics and using a surge protected outlet strip, in your vehicle that same protection keeps equipment from being damaged when electrical spikes occur.

Amplifiers and subwoofers vary in make and models each with differant tolerances for power input and output. Be sure to understand the basics of your equipment in order to match the proper fuses and electrical installations for ideal installation.