Wind Speed Metering

Judging is based on overall Loudness and Clarity.

Rules and Requirements: All vehicles must be registered and classed before battles begin at 1pm. Competitors not in the ring ready to battle within 5 minutes of their class being called will automatically forfeit their spot and no entry fees will be refunded. Competitors may use any type of music at any frequency but tones or burps are prohibited.

Competitors must pay enter fee of $10 and check in with a judge by 1pm.

Competitors will battle head to head for 3 rounds.

Winner in each class will receive an award.

Classing is based on rated amplifier(s) power.

Trunk : Up to 6k | 7k+      

 No Wall: Up to 8k | 9k-12k

Wall: Up to 12k | 13-25k | 25k-50k           

Extreme: 50k+


Jonathan Price 129KPH/80MPH (MOS 2022)

Brian Aintloud Jasinski 115KPH/71MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Steven Dunkin 114KPH/71MPH (MOS 2022)

Wall up to 50K:

Mike Malizio 142KPH/88MPH (MOS 2022)

Joel Daum 108KPH/67MPH (MOS 2022)

Wall up to 25K:

Ryan Linamen 90KPH/56MPH (MOS 2022)

Dan Hawk 76KPH/47MPH (Summer Showcase 2022)

Roy Taylor 63KPH/39MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Wall up to 12K:

Sean Singleton 83KPH/51MPH (Summer Showcase 2022)

Mariano Carballosa 82KPH/51MPH (MOS 2022)

Simon Harris 81KPH/50MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Tyler Knierim 62KPH/38MPH (FL Finals 2022)

No Wall 8-12K:

Matthew Tiller 64KPH/39MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Dre Holmes 37KPH/23MPH (Summer Showcase 2022)

No Wall Up to 8K:

Mannie Wells 34KPH/21MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Shane 18KPH/11MPH (FL Finals 2022)


Taylor Narog 20KPH/12MPH (FL Finals 2022)

Terms of Participation: In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, participants and members of their party do hereby release and discharge Audio Arena and it’s event sponsors of any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any participants to his/her person or property.  We reserve the right to refuse admittance to or to dismiss anyone for unacceptable conduct at our discretion. By entering this competition, all parties also agree to allow pictures of their person and/or vehicle to be used in the publicity and advertising of Audio Arena.

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