In the mid 1980’s a small conversation sparked by a man named George Reed from Thunder on Wheels, a small time Mississippi outfit that metered sound systems in parking lots for fun, led to a joint effort from others that jump-started what we now know as USAC.  The organization slowly spread like wildfire, attracting automotive audio enthusiasts nationwide.  In the 1990’s USAC began its journey overseas and was officially renamed USACi, the “i” standing for International. 


Online Rule Book:

Events Calender:

Region and Entry Fees: USACI is a global competition that utilizes a points system. Entry fees vary depending on the points for the event but generally start at $25.

In all formats: 

  • The vehicle’s engine may be running during testing, but will be limited to 2000rpm.
  • An unlimited amount of “automotive type” sound deadener is allowed, but cannot be used as a wrap on the outside of a vehicle or as upholstery.
  • Batteries and Alternators may be upgraded. The OEM location battery may be relocated.
  • 80 HZ cap limit in all classes


All Street Beat competitors will be required to use the official USACI Street Beat music for this division.  Scores will be determined by an average SPL taken over 30 SECONDS.  The Sensor placement will be any place in front of the B- pillar with globe affixed or mounted to windshield without globe at 12” to the left of passenger’s side A-pillar and 4” above the dash. (Competitor’s choice)


  • The competitor will choose their own music. There will be no solid tones, note must change, the judge will make the final call, and if your run is deemed illegal you will receive a zero score, and must choose a new song for your 2nd run. Audible highs/midrange music must be able to be heard from outside the vehicle. Scores will be determined by an average SPL taken over 60 seconds.  The Sensor placement will be any place in front of the B-pillar with globe affixed or mounted to windshield without globe at 12” to the left of passenger’s side A-pillar and 4” above the dash. (Competitor’s choice)
  • We will take your peak frequency according to TermLab and your score and you will receive bonus points based on 80hz cap limit which will add up to a Composite SPL Score. The bottom frequency cap is 20HZ, so if you peak at 19 HZ you will still only be allowed the max of 60 bonus points Your max frequency at the peak score and then subtract that from 80HZ that will be your bonus points added to your score. If you hit 150 @ 30 HZ, you will get 50 points / 150 @ 20 HZ you would
  • get 60 points 150 @ 40 HZ = 40 points and so on.


Mic Placement:  The microphone/sensor will be placed anywhere forward of the “B” pillar in the passenger compartment with a
microphone/sensor globe attached in all SPL classes. The Microphone may be removed from the globe during testing only of it is to be placed in the “LEGAL” position on the windshield. Legal Position is 12 inches from
passenger “A” pillar, 4 inches above the dash, attached to the windshield. 


For Port Wars: The sensor may be placed in any location that it will fit into provided the location does not pose a threat to the safety of the microphone/sensor.  If the globe is not used the mic must go in a USACI approved mic jig. 


Single point        Double point          Triple point           Regional event:
1st = 8 points     1st = 16 points      1st = 24 points     1st = 32 points
2nd = 7 points    2nd = 14 points    2nd = 21 points    2nd = 28 points
3rd = 6 points     3rd = 12 points     3rd = 18 points    3rd = 24 points
4th = 5 points     4th = 10 points     4th = 15 points    4th = 20 points
5th = 4 points     5th = 8 points       5th = 12 points    5th = 16 points
6th = 3 points     6th = 6 points       6th = 9 points      6th = 12 points
7th = 2 points     7th = 4 points       7th = 6 points      7th = 8 points
8th+ = 1 point    8th+ = 2 points    8th+ = 3 points    8th+ = 4 points