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Region and Entry Fees: MECA is a national Car Audio Competition in the United States. Entry fees vary depending on the points for the event but generally start at $25.

Membership: $40 per year includes $5 Discount off registration at majority of MECA events

The Sound Quality League (SQL) working with the established criteria in the MECA Rule Book, will objectively evaluate each competitor’s vehicle and system. Appropriate and individual attention is given to Sound Quality (SQ), Installation (Install), and Real Time Analysis (RTA Freq Out). MECA’s SQL philosophy reflects the importance and regard for the best sound quality presented to the judges.

Seven (7) SQ classes will be offered at Double Point (2X) events with the full SQL Event Menu (Seven (7) SQ, Four (4) Install, and One (1) RTA Freq Out class) being offered at larger, 2X, 3X, 4X events, and World Finals. SQ2 (2 seat judging) will be offered at the host’s discretion. The vehicles with the best sound quality will win the SQ awards. The vehicles with the best installation qualities, especially regarding safety and appearance, will win the Install awards. The vehicles with the best RTA scores will win the RTA Freq Out awards. The vehicles with the best scores, indicating the best sound quality judged from 2 seats, will win the SQ2 contests.