MECA includes several formats and awards including Sound Quality, MECA Kids, Phat awards and more. We will be focusing on the SPL formats Sound Pressure and Park & Pound.


Online Rule Book:

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Region and Entry Fees: MECA is a national Car Audio Competition in the United States. Entry fees vary depending on the points for the event but generally start at $25.

Membership: $40 per year includes $5 Discount off registration at majority of MECA events

MECA SPL Formats:


Sensor placed at the headrest (26” High in the Driver’s Seat). on MECA approved stand or holder, provided by Judge. The seat and seat back of the seat that the sensor stand is placed in must be in a factory locked position and must allow the stand to sit flat on the seatbottom. The stand may not be leaned forward. Pass is timed for 30 seconds with TermLab scoring system set to “Peak Hold”

The Trunk Division, with 2 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for vehicles with systems installed in the Trunk.

The Street Division, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for competitors with some vehicle and system modifications allowed. Vehicles are still intended to be daily drivers, must have a functional OEM backseat, and not SPL specific.

Modified Street has 4 “Pressure Classes” and is intended for vehicles which do not have back seats, have no-wall builds, or other

installations which are done to the B-pillars.

The Modified Division, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for vehicles and systems that are designed to maximize sound pressure level, including woofer walls and pickup truck cut-throughs, but are still capable of being daily drivers.

The “Radical X” Division, has 2 classes (one clamped class with maximum of 4000 pressure rating and one unlimited) for extremely modified exhibition systems/vehicles, is intended for hard-core SPL Competitors with unusual or concept vehicles.


The “Park & Pound” Format, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended to measure sound pressure levels outside the vehicle, while playing full-range music. In addition to the General Rules, sensor will be placed 72” (6’) from the outside edge of a marker on the ground (usually a cone), on passenger side of the vehicle; 54” (4.5’) off the ground on MECA approved stand.  Final score is “Average” for 30 seconds.


Vehicles required to have some form of a plexiglass plate or surface that the suction cups on the TermLab sensor can attach. Mic placement should be no closer than 4 inches from the port or woofer. Also sensor must face forward.