MECA Dueling Demos

In Dueling Demos, winners are determined by a Judge Panel. Judge panels will be made up of at least 2 judges. For a 4x event and finals the judge panel will be 3 judges. Judging Panel are required to get a 360-degree listening experience of the vehicle and not focus on just one aspect (aka, the sweet spot).b) Competitors will qualify with the score received during their qualifying demo. Scoring will be based on Loudness, Clarity in three parts Highs, Mids, and Lows, 360 sound, and song choice.


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Region and Entry Fees: MECA is a national Car Audio Competition in the United States. Entry fees vary depending on the points for the event but generally start at $25.

Membership: $40 per year includes $5 Discount off registration at majority of MECA events

There will be 7 “Dueling Demos” Classes Street, Modified Street, Modified 1, Modified 2, andExtremefor cars and trucks. Also included is Motorcycle,and MECA Kids (vehicle registration and license rules not applicable)

Dueling Demos contest is intended to recognize the competitor with the strongest music systems with regards to power, clarity, tonal balance, and intensityof their system while being judged on Loudness, Clarity, 360 Sound, and Song Choice. Competitors compete against one another with their vehicles to demonstrate who has the most impressive audio systems

Competitors will move into the top three final rounds (face-off) by receiving qualifying scores that place them in the top 3 for that event. To determine this, the judge’s panel score sheets from each vehicle will be added together and averaged. The 3 vehicles with the highest number of points will move into the final.d)

Each Competitor has 1 minute to play their qualifying demo. The demo may be 1 or 2 songs totaling 1 minute of playtime. For Final Rounds, it will be with 1 song, 1 minute to determine the top 3 at 1x through 3x events. For world finals and 4x events, competitors will play 2, 1-minute rounds in a staggered presentation to determine the top 3 placements.e)

Competitors must use commercially available tracks and may choose their song and source material. Any source is permitted.f) Song must be played full range, with highs and mids that are audible. Songs may be “bass” songs, and do not have to have lyrics but, if they have lyrics, they must not have any foul or offensive language. g) Any combination of open doors, windows, or trunk is permitted.h) 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be determined by the average score received in the final round. 4th place and below will be determined by the average qualifying score received.