Lithium Batteries & Banks

There are several advantages to using lithium over AGM but as with all installs be sure to consult a professional and use what is best for your specific goals. The obvious advantages of lithium being space and weight. On a larger build using lithium can be a life saver. Be sure to research as much as you can on maintenance and maintain lithium to ensure longevity and safety.

PLEASE NOTE All information on this site is for entertainment processes. Any guidelines, tips or recommendations are considered general knowledge and we strongly encourage you to consult with a professional before installing, adjusting, or altering a car audio system.

Lithium vs AGM

Lithium Titanate Battery Banks

Advantage of LTO Battery:
1. super long cycle life, over 30,000 times with 20 years.
2. quick charging, only takes 6 minutes charging time.
3. super safety
We provide high quality LTO Battery at reasonable price and deliver them globally by air and by boat.

Check out this great video by Williston Audio Labs discussing Lithium Battery Banks by Yinlong. These batteries have become quite popular due to their efficiency and light weight.