Purchase your entry to compete in Audio Arena.

(This does not include any gate fees at an event, for competing in Audio Arena ONLY)

$10 per entry per class

SQ Grudge

AMATEUR: Doors & Bass Only

LIGHTWEIGHT: Doors, Bass and Outside Grills/Bumpers Only

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Doors, Bass, Outside Grills/Bumpers and Window Pods Only

HEAVYWEIGHT: Doors, Bass, Outside Grills/Bumpers, Window Pods and Side/Rear Wall Only


SQ Grudge 2-3 Wheel

LIGHTWEIGHT: Mids and Highs Only



Voceteo Chipeo

1. Doors and Bass Only

2. Doors & Trunk / Cargo Area / Truck Bed – No external pods, crowns or enclosures

3. Extreme

Wind Metering

Sealed Trunk | Extreme Trunk
(enclosure must be in the trunk)
No Wall: Up to 5k | Up to 10k | up to 20k | 20k+
(enclosure must below window line for blow thru)
Wall: Up to 6k | Up to 12k | up to 25k | up to 40k | 40k+
Extreme: No Rules

Terms of Participation: In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, participants and members of their party do hereby release and discharge Audio Arena and it’s event sponsors of any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any participants to his/her person or property.  We reserve the right to refuse admittance to or to dismiss anyone for unacceptable conduct at our discretion. By entering this competition, all parties also agree to allow pictures of their person and/or vehicle to be used in the publicity and advertising of Audio Arena.