DB Drag

DB Drag Racing is comprised of two stages of competition; Qualifying and Elimination. During qualifying the maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for each contestant’s sound system is measured. At the conclusion of the qualifying stage of competition the eight loudest competitors in each class are then placed in brackets for the elimination portion of the competition. During the elimination rounds, contestants face off in a head-to-head format. The winner of each bracket round advances to the next round of competition and the loser is eliminated from the event.

Website: https://www.termpro.com/

Online Rule Book: https://www.termpro.com/dbdrag/rules/rules.asp

Events Calender: https://www.termpro.com/asp/eventschedule.asp

Region and Entry Fees: DB Drag is a global competition that utilizes a points system. Entry fees vary depending on the points for the event but generally start at $25.

Membership: A DB Drag membership cost $30 per year.

DB Drag Formats:

Extreme SPL

Db Drag Exteme SPL Divisions include Stock, Super Street, and Extreme. Points are awarded throughout the season and a required minimum for world finals. Extreme SPL is a 30 second peak hold SPL Score

Bass Race

Bass Race is a very unique format. In bass race competitors are placed in brackets.

  • 120.0 dB to 129.9 dB
  • 130.0 dB to 139.9 dB
  • 140.0 dB to 149.9 dB
  • 150.0 dB to 159.9 dB

Bass Race is an auto sound competition format based on contestant skill and Sound Pressure Level (SPL). In Bass Race, contestants first participate in a qualification process where each participant’s SPL is measured. Contestants with similar scores are then grouped together for the elimination portion of the competition. During the elimination rounds, contestants face off in a head-to-head format. The objective is to have the loudest AVERAGE score while playing music without “breaking out” of the class they originally qualified in. This is the fundamental basis for a Bass Race event.


Psychlone is an auto sound competition format designed to capture the original excitement of a great sounding aftermarket car stereo installation. This format is also designed to cater to the vast majority of auto sound enthusiasts who design and build their systems to sound great at moderate to high listening levels. Each contestant’s sound system is scored based on how loud it will play (SPL), the frequency response of the system (RTA), and Installation Quality. These elements form the basis for a Psychlone event.

DB Drag Music

dbDrag has an online store for CDS: https://shop.termpro.com/t/competition-and-test-cds

According to the DbDrag rulebook

  • The program material being played may originate from any type of source unit that has been specifically designed to play music. This includes cassette decks, CD players and changers, DVD players and changers, VCR’s and VCP’s, MP3 units, AM/FM/Satellite radio tuners, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Both wired and wireless connections between the source unit and the sound system are permitted. This includes RCA cables, Fiber-Optic cables, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.
  • The program material may consist of music, test tones, or any other type of recorded audio signal.
  • The program media may be from a commercial source (such as a CD you purchase) or a custom, homemade recording