Bring the Noise

Demo/Show vehicle entry includes driver and vehicle gate entry at Bring The Noise 2021 on May 8, 2021 at St Lucie Fairgrounds. 

Entry into the show also includes:

Car/Truck/Bike Show

  • 10 Best of Awards
  • Top 20 Show Categories
  • 2 Step Competition
  • Vehicle Limbo Contest

Audio Arena Demo & SPL Awards

  • Best Overall Audio
  • Tim Johnson Award – Loudest of the day on the meter
  • Zack Lowe Award – Best SPL Demo 
  • Joel Walker Award – Best Hair Trick 
  • Best Install
  • Best Custom Doors
  • Relentless Demo
  • Best Lady Basshead

Audio Arena Voceteo Sound-off

Audio Arena Stunt Wall Distance Battle

Audio Arena Full Set Grudge Battles

  • Spots are Limited and Pre Registration is Required.
  • Head to Head Battles with 360 degree sound.  
  • Judged on Loudness, Clarity, Balance and Overall Sound
  • Each vehicle will get to play 2 songs for 2 mins each
  • 5 Classes 
    • Amateur (Doors & Bass)
    • Lightweight (Doors, Bass & Outside Grill/Bumper)
    • Heavyweight (Doors, Bass, Outside Grill/Bumper, & Window Pods)
    • Extreme (Doors, Bass, Outside Grill/Bumper, Window Pods & Trunk Pods)
    • Extreme Modified (No restrictions)

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